Friday, September 25, 2009


So, I just finished this piece yesterday. It took me two/ two and a half days to do. I cranked it out quick. It originally was supposed to be something different. I recently came back from Burning Man and was inspired to create. I initially wanted to paint the man burning, but my sketch wasn't translating well from what I had in my head. I decided to draw it in colored pencil, and painted a woman instead.

I started out with the face and then it grew from there. I think it really turned out awesome. It might just be my new favorite! Probably because it's new.

I layered and layered a lot on this. I wanted it too look busy/messy, and it does. The lines, shades, colors, and splatters all work together in my opinion. Painting for me, really has a type of freedom to harsh lines, nothing overly detailed (unless you want it to be). I like sloppy pieces.....I'll definitely venture out on this concept more.

Tattoo of Roses

This is a drawing done with colored pencil, my favorite medium. My brother Brandon has been wanting a Tattoo Sleeve for quite a while now. He asked me to draw roses to represent our family. Each flower has to have/or be the color of our birthstone. I started the concept, then redrew it to refine it better. This is the final product. Hopefully it will translate well into tattoo. It'll be a while till he gets it. I used a ridiculous amount of colors, and it will cost him a fortune! I'm excited to see it done though. I've realized now that I have drew a lot of people's tattoos. I'm going to have to round them up and take pics to post.

My Favorite Painted Piece

This has to be one of my favorite pieces, and the reason is because it's not my vision. I totally copied...ugh! I know terrible!, but I had to have it!!...and I'll probably get copyright infringement violation on it at some point.

This painting is a replica of Robb Havassy's painting, which I believe he actually prints on a certain brand of wine. Anyway, I loved everything about his the colors, the calmness of it, the simplicity, and I thought it needed to be on my wall, so I hijacked his version and painted my own. It pretty much looks identical (his is more refined of course), and I was stoked it came out as well as I'd hoped. Anyway, Robb Havassy is an amazing talent and I truly look up to his work. Look him up when you get a chance. I dig it, hopefully you do too.

Brandon's Paintings

Okay, so you might notice these pieces look familiar.....well you'd be right. My brother asked me to recreate the painting of the guy in Rob Dyrdek's dining room on his show "Rob & Big". I normally don't like to copy other artists work, but he begged me to do it. After painting the male version on canvas, my brother said he need a chick to even things out, so I used the same concept and painted a female with critiques from my brothers vision on her anatomy. Lol!


These horse pieces are done in colored pencil and acrylic paint, pretty much the same way. The "Snow Theme" was done in highschool, and I drew everything up, then took white paint and splattered it to make it look like snow. The same effect was done with the "Lightning Theme" for the water splash, which was done for a final in college.