Friday, September 25, 2009


So, I just finished this piece yesterday. It took me two/ two and a half days to do. I cranked it out quick. It originally was supposed to be something different. I recently came back from Burning Man and was inspired to create. I initially wanted to paint the man burning, but my sketch wasn't translating well from what I had in my head. I decided to draw it in colored pencil, and painted a woman instead.

I started out with the face and then it grew from there. I think it really turned out awesome. It might just be my new favorite! Probably because it's new.

I layered and layered a lot on this. I wanted it too look busy/messy, and it does. The lines, shades, colors, and splatters all work together in my opinion. Painting for me, really has a type of freedom to harsh lines, nothing overly detailed (unless you want it to be). I like sloppy pieces.....I'll definitely venture out on this concept more.

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